We provide flexi finance products, which will satisfy your needs.


Loan Products

Loans available
up to 50 Lacs
above 50 Lacs

Home Loan
Home Repairing
Land & Building 

Cash Credit

Vehicle Loan

Loan for Consumer Durable

Education Loan

Gold Loan

Loan on N.S.C

Loan on L.I.C. Policy

Ware Housing Loan

Cheque, Hundi Discounting

Surety Loans 
for Business man/Service man

Agricultural Advances

Advances for 
Allied Activities

Working Capital Limits 



  • Quick decisions
  • Low processing charges
  • No commitment charges
  • Hassle free documentation
  • One window service
  • Easy Renewals

Our Policy:

  • Quick assessment
  • Timely disbursement

Our credit products are for any of the following purposes:

  1. Purchase of consumer durables like TV, Freeze, Music Systems, Washing Machine Etc.
  2. Expenditures of your family e.g.
    • Education
    • Traveling
    • Ceremonies
    • Calamities
    • Investments
    • Taxation
  3. Purchase of Vehicle
    • 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler
    • Commercial Vehicle
  4. Housing loan
    • Purchase of plot
    • Construction on plot
    • Purchase of flat/bungalow - new or resale
    • Repairing of the house
    • Furnishing the home
  5. Agricultural Advances
    • Cultivation
    • Purchase of equipments, seeds, pesticides
    • Consumption
    • Cattle purchase
    • Agricultural Farm Houses
    • Development of land construction of well pipe line, electrifications etc.
  6. Advances for Allied Activities like Dairy, Poultry
  7. Working Capital Limits and Term Loan against
    • Stock
    • Book Debt
    • Receivables
    • Machinery
    • Premises

Who are eligible?

  1. Member or Nominal Member
  2. Banking relationship in any one of following category
    • Salary Earners
    • Traders - a) Wholesaler b) Retailer
    • Industrialist
    • Professionals - Like Doctors, Advocates, Consultants
    • Self-Employed - like small Business Enterprises
    • Transport Operators etc.

How to get the Credit Facilities?

  • Contact your nearest Branch
  • Discuss your needs and problems with Branch Officials
  • Complete the formalities
  • Furnish the details of your business/occupation
  • Submit the financial statements and your projections (if any)
  • Satisfy the official about your plans, your prospectus, your margin, etc.

How to utilize the facility?

  • It is your right to use the facility whenever you need it
  • We will be there to assist you, guide you and direct you
  • It is a long lasting and trust in relationship